Pet Diets: Kindness Can Kill

Whilst it may seem that feeding your animal some yummy treats now and again will be a perfectly harmless way to keep them happy and show them exactly how much you love them, such kindness can often do more harm than good. Of course, when we love animals, we want to give them the treats we feel they deserve, but not only will many human treats be bad for animals, but certain store-bought animal treats can also cause problems.

For example, over the past few years, certain jerky treats have caused numerous deaths and illnesses amongst both cats and dogs, with thousands falling ill and many hundreds dying. As such, not only should you check online to see which treats your specific pets will be allowed and in what quantities such treats will be healthy, but you will also want to check the quality of any dedicated pet treats you buy to ensure that there are no national or international health warnings on those products. You may also simply wish to read online reviews to make sure that the products you are buying are highly rated and that others have not seen such products produce adverse effects in their animals.

If you notice your pets start to show decreased appetite levels, decreased activity, or start to show signs of illness such as vomiting or diarrhoea, be sure to stop feeding them any treats immediately and make sure you head to see your vet. Certain treats have even lead to problems such as kidney failure and even gastrointestinal bleeding, so be sure to respond as soon as you notice any issues.

One of the easiest ways to avoid giving your animals the wrong treats is to buy such treats from pet shops that are focussed on animal nutrition. The more nutritionally balanced the treats and indeed the general food you buy for your animals is, the healthier your pets will be and, in many cases, the tastier and more appealing the treats you offer will be to boot.

There are plenty of myths still surrounding what pets should or shouldn’t eat, and whether you have a kitten, an older cat, a dog of any age or even a turtle, be sure to look up online exactly what they should and shouldn’t consume. Not only might some things you believe to be safe be dangerous to certain animals, but some things you might believe they cannot eat may well be perfectly fine for them to scoff down.

However, the easiest way to keep them healthy and safe is to buy food from the right online pet shop, choosing foods and indeed treats based on how nutritionally balanced they are as opposed to how cheap they might be or how easy they may be to buy. Such a step is unlikely to cost you much more or take you any longer, but could well lead to you saving a fortune in vet’s bills and will help you keep your fluffy friend happier and healthier in the process. So, no matter how much they might beg for those scraps, reach for a nutritionally focussed animal treat wherever possible instead.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He regularly contributes articles to Home and Pet sites such as Hills Pet, watched eagerly by his fluffy white cat, Chino.

What You Need To Know About the Characteristics and Uses of Global Herbs

What is herb?

Herb means any plant which is grown on a small or a large scale for the sole purpose of using plant’s leaves, seeds, fruits for food, flavoring, medicine, or as perfume.

Not only in a particular region or society, the herbs enjoy the most precious position of use for food and medical purpose globally. The naturally grown global herbs are known to be the utmost ingredient of one’s healthy lifestyle, while proving to be key essentials of all types of cooked food, medicines and other edible and remedial products.

Health factors of herbs

Since pre-historic times, the health benefits of naturally grown herbs are quite acknowledged by human civilization. The use of herbs as medicines has been a dominant factor in the medical procedures of the ancient times, continued till date, especially in the form of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Chinese herbal or such other medicinal practices used worldwide. Also the chemical based or drug based medicinal procedures use extracts of various kinds of global herbs as their main ingredients.

In ancient times, the medically-used natural herbs were acquired from local vegetation, but with the growth of civilization, now people can access and grow all types of herbs, from across the world, at their own place.

With the recent trend of people following in the wellness of health and lifestyle through natural process, the use of herbs in food and for medical purpose has seen quite a growth.

Growing of Herbs

Herb growing has become a key part of our gardening exercise nowadays, whether as individual practice at home, or for a larger and commercial practice at a farm or nursery.

Herbs are easier to grow and provide essential and natural ingredient fulfillment for cooking needs, as well as for home-based medical or remedial purpose.

Herbs are basically classified into various categories:

1.Culinary herbs: Includes various chief herb plants, such as basil, garlic, fennel, rosemary, sage etc.

Herbs, as they are small plants, can be grown both inside and outside of home. One can grow them in garden plots, pots, kinds of containers, or larger farm fields. The consumer has to maintain a proper availability of lighting and air-water supply for them to grow fruitfully.

Medicinal use of Herbs

Herbs are one of the premier sources of elements for nourishment of the body cells and tissues. It is a known effective treatment cause for skin and other types of cancers.  Herbs provide nutritive, tonic, alkalizing, alterative, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, nervous support, pain reprieve and tissue fortification to us.

Different herb plants have different remedial functions, such as:

•Garlic provides relief and protection from high blood pressure.
•Green tea and Oolong tea are known worldwide to be one of the most effective sources of preventing heart disease and prevention of high blood pressure.
•Bloodroot, a type of anti-neoplastic herb is a rich source for reduction of abnormal cells growth, thus reducing the chance of obtaining skin cancer.
•Anti-oxidant herbs like Turmeric helps in the reduction of free radicals induced damage like cancer.
•Digestive tonic herbs like Aloe Vera juice are found in most medical and health supplements. These help in the healing and smoothing of the digestive section of the body and prevent cancer concerning these body organs.

Apart from these, there are multitudes of Global herbs, which are used in almost all types of cooking purposes, medicinal uses, and other supplements and products.